How to progressively adopt RevMap and unlock the power of your teams’ insights

Enabling collaboration between your sales and product teams doesn’t happen magically or overnight. We believe that this comes from encouraging and rewarding collaboration over time, and can be supported by tooling that makes it easy and fun.

RevMap helps you bring about this change, in a way that keeps you efficient. We allow you to start small and experience value right away, leveraging your existing workflows. We don’t require team wide trainings or onboardings. We help you to progressively adopt RevMap and enable your teams to help each other to build and sell better, step by step.

RevMap helps you gather valuable sales product insights and roadmap input in three ways:

1. RevMap deal reviews - RevMap collects valuable product insights from your commercial teams’ deal conversations. RevMap connects to deals from your CRM and empowers your reps to share market and product feedback from their deal conversations, as early as the first demo. RevMap turns win/lost deal reviews into a positive experience for sales teams, rewards product teams for their contributions to revenue, and helps execs create commercial accountability. By enabling sales to relay customer product feedback and upvote the features that matter most to win, RevMap helps you understand what product features convert, any product gaps, and feature revenue potential.

2. Slack bot - Collaboration already happens in Slack, and RevMap’s Slack bot helps you encourage and capture it with minimal effort from your teams. Easily add insights from Slack, so they become discoverable in RevMap and improve product knowledge for sales efficiency. Share sales wins on Slack and reward product team members for assisting on sales deals, company wide.

3. Actionable feature ranking - RevMap provides execs and product teams with useful feature rankings, using commercial teams’ market feedback and revenue data in your sales pipelines. RevMap highlights existing features that convert well, new requests with most revenue potential, and what prospects are saying about your product and offering. Use RevMap’s FeatureBoard in your roadmap meetings to prioritize what to build, what not to build, and why.

How do we help you get set up?

We need a few simple things to get you started:

1. Support from you as sponsor - CEO, sales leader or product leader. Having sales leadership on board is key to start capturing sales insights in RevMap deal reviews. It’s always helpful if all execs see the value in RevMap from the outset, but it’s not a must.

2. Assign a champion on your team that is interested in making this a success. For sales teams, this could be sales operations or enablement, or a customer success rep keen to improve sales efficiency. For product leaders, your champion might be a user researcher, a PM or product operations colleague that wants to get access to sales insights faster to prioritize their roadmap. The role of the champion is not so important, they just have to be excited to interact across teams, see value bringing these closer together, and wouldn’t mind getting some kudos for it too.

3. Create a dedicated Slack channel for live support and insight sharing between product and sales and invite all team members. You might already have such a channel, in which case you don’t need to do anything else. Encourage your teams to use this channel and connect it to our RevMap Slack bot. This will allow your champion and teams to start capturing insights in RevMap without leaving Slack and to celebrate product and sales wins company wide.

4. Our team will do a 1 hour onboarding session with your champion where our team will help you set up your product hierarchy in RevMap. We will help you create an intuitive overview of the product you’re selling so your teams can easily find and store insights. We will also give your champion instructions how your teams can integrate deal reviews into their daily cadence, create and upvote product features and requests.

Your champion will have all the instructions to help your teams easily capture insights from deal reviews, create new requests, and upvote features. She can start adding the information you want to capture from Slack, and encourage your team members to do the same.

How to integrate RevMap into your operations and see value from day 1

To get value out of the platform, as a first step we recommend integrating RevMap deal reviews in your sales cadence and encouraging knowledge sharing via Slack. This allows RevMap to start gathering actionable sales product and market insights. We encourage you to use RevMap data and views for the following initial use cases:

1. Integrate deal reviews to start collecting sales and market product feedback and reward product for contributing to sales success. RevMap celebrates sales deal wins in Slack, rewards product for assists on wins, and helps your teams connect product work to business impact.

2. During alignment between product and sales leaders (and CEOs) and roadmap planning exercises. RevMap gives you prioritized views that help you understand what is requested by sales and why, revenue performance and potential of features, and what to prioritize to accelerate growth.

3. As the database expands, RevMap enables your sales team with easy to search and up to date product and roadmap insights. Encourage your reps to find answers to product questions in RevMap first, before asking someone else on the team.

We understand that tooling is only one part of the solution. RevMap will work closely with our design customers to help implement and understand what brings about the most effective sales-product collaboration. We will aim to productize what we learn to further empower our customers to make the best product decisions, and in turn solve the most valuable problems for their customers.