Enabling collaboration between sales and product teams doesn’t happen magically or overnight. We believe this comes about by encouraging and rewarding it over time, and can be supported by tooling that makes it easy and fun. RevMap helps you make this change, in a way that keeps you efficient.

The value of product feedback is expressed in capturing priorities, not just in a desire for a feature. Teams typically know what they need to build, they are just trying to find out when or in what order.

Our first product is RevCheck, a simple and free tool that allows product teams and execs to “revenue check” and prioritize roadmap topics, through feedback from commercial teams. By gathering internal product feedback in one tool, product teams and execs can stay efficient and commercial teams have a fun and easy way to strategically influence the roadmap.

1. Convert laundry lists into prioritized lists

Unconstrained product feedback typically doesn’t produce useful results, as the whole point of roadmapping is adding priorities. RevMap helps product teams and execs add simple constraints so commercial teams automatically prioritize.

2. Continuous and asynchronous feedback

Typical feedback tools go out of date quickly, instead we focus on producing quick up to date snapshots that change over time.

3. Not all feedback is equal

RevMap enables teams to filter and weight results by participant and team so it can be used as a research tool.

4. One place to capture all internal product feedback

To avoid inefficiency in product roadmap discussions.

5. RevMap is collaborative

Product and execs set the initial feedback priorities and constraints, and commercial teams contribute product suggestions based on field experience.

We don’t require team-wide training or onboardings. Start small and experience value right away, leveraging your commercial teams’ insights.

RevCheck can be used at any time when executives or product teams are looking to create, validate and prioritize roadmap plans and when sales teams want to relay insights from the field. You might introduce RevCheck at any one of the following strategic company events: 

  • Quarterly strategy & planning

  • All hands & alignment meetings

  • Product discovery

  • Sprint planning

  • Commercial team offsites & pipeline reviews

Once introduced, RevChecks can easily be incorporated into daily sales and product operations to provide continuous strategic roadmap input. Create a more efficient and actionable feedback loop between product and commercial teams, at low cost.

How is RevMap different from other feedback tools and how do we make commercial teams’ input effective?

When to introduce RevCheck, and why?

How to integrate RevCheck into your operations and see value from day 1

Getting started is simple:

1. Kickstart the product sales feedback loop

While anyone can sponsor the sales-product feedback loop, any product team member or executive can launch a RevCheck to gather roadmap feedback. Ideally sales and product leadership are committed to interpret and action feedback, but it’s not a prerequisite to get started. A product owner can start using RevChecks to feedback and prioritize product plans and a sales leader can adopt RevChecks to create better alignment with product and executives.

2. Engage the team

Once a RevCheck has been launched, engage commercial teams to participate. We recommend to invite your sales leader first, who then invites his / her team to participate. 

3. Use results as input for your roadmap prioritization

Use RevCheck results to inform your roadmap decisions and to validate product priorities. Filter on individual particanpts and teams so you can use RevCheck as a research tool.

You can create as many RevChecks as you like to gather input around specific roadmap plans or ideas, customer problem statements or releases and to validate impact and what to prioritize.

Upcoming RevMap Releases

Integrated revenue and customer insights via CRM

RevMap enables commercial teams to enrich roadmap requests and priorities with revenue and customer opportunities. RevMap helps product teams and execs understand potential feature value and prioritize the roadmap through actionable feature rankings.

Roadmap integration

RevMap helps product leaders and execs understand potential revenue and customer impact of roadmap plans. Communicate the roadmap to stakeholders so commercial teams can sell efficiently.

Support Articles

RevMap helps product teams and execs make the best roadmap decisions, through commercial teams' insights.